How this blog is delivered

This blog is hosted and delivered via github pages. You write blog content in Markdown and then use normal git workflow to push the blog entries to Github. Github then builds and publishes the content as web pages.

Github pages can use either static html pages or can use Markdown and Jekyll which is a static page generator. Jekyll renders html pages from Markdown files.

Steps to create Github personal pages

  1. Create a git repository

    Create a git repository named after your in my case

  2. Clone the newly created repository

    git clone

  3. Create an file in the top level of the git repository you just created add the file to git with

    git add

  4. Commit the to github

    git commit -am "Commit message"

  5. Push the updated content to Github

    git push

Now you have published your personal page to git. It takes a while for github to build your page up to ten minutes. After its finished you will be able to visit your page at in my case