I wish there was a new Internet that worked as an overlay network on the old internet. In order to connect/peer with the new internet users,providers and companies would have to sign a license agrement.

The license agreement would ban:

* advertisement companies

* violent content

* user tracking

* pornographic content

In order to use the new internet you would sign an end user agreement agreeing on the above terms.

Technically such a new Internet would work with MPLS peering at the ISP Internet service provider level.

The reason for a new internet is that the old internet has become an advertising tech surveillence state.

The following are being tracked on the old internet. Dns lookups, browser fingerprinting. Browser finger printing tracks users through unique browser canavas. Free services such as DNS, email, maps, fonts, captchas, analytics are also being used to track users. The free services are being used to build unique hashes of users.

Every movement online is tracked and sold for advertising on the current internet. That is the reason to create a new Internet.