How do you setup Kubernetes certified developer home lab with virtual machines?

You can use Ubuntu Multipass snap to quickly setup multiple virtual machines for a Kubernetes certified developer course home lab. This will save you expenses if you can run the lab at home.

What components do you need?

  • A home Linux machine capable of running Snap packages.
  • Snapd for installing snap packages
  • Multipass for setting up multiple virtual machines

How much memory do you need?

Probably at least 24GB+, each virtual machine requires 8GB and you need to have memory for your Linux machine

Install Snapd for installing snap packages.

sudo apt install snapd

Install Multipass via snap install

sudo snap install multipass

How do you setup SSH keys for SSH into multipass machines?

Create a cloud-init.yaml file. Paste your public ssh key from ~/.ssh/ on the first ssh_authorized_keys - line in the cloud-init.file.


- ssh-key xyz

Setup two Multipass virtual machines suitable for Linux foundation certified kubernetes lab. These virtual machines needs at least two cores -c 2, -d 20GB of disk and -m 8GB of memory.

multipass launch -c 2 -d 20G -m 8G -n master --cloud-init ./cloud-init.yaml

multipass launch -c 2 -d 20G -m 8G -n worker --cloud-init ./cloud-init.yaml

How do you start the multipass virtual machines?

multipass start master

multipass start worker

How do you SSH into the multipass virtual machines?

Use multipass list to get the ip adress of the master and worker nodes.

multipass list

Name                    State             IPv4             Image
master                  Running     Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
worker                  Running     Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Then use ssh with ubuntu@masterip ssh@workerip such as:

ssh ubuntu@

ssh ubuntu@

You now have two Ubuntu home virtual machines suitable for the labs.