Install Minikube Kubernetes development environment

Today we will install Minikube development environment, install Tekton in Minikube.

Fetch Minikbe with curl and put the minikube command in path

curl -LO
sudo install minikube-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/minikube

Start Minikube

minikube start

Install Tekton in Kubernetes

kubectl apply -f
# to install pipelines, triggers and dashboard (use profile 'all')
kubectl apply -f

Install Tekton CLI

Fetch tekton cli

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/tektoncd-cli-0.20.0_Linux-64bit.deb

Install Tekton Dashboard

kubectl apply --filename

Create example Springboot Web app in IntelliJ

File -> New Project -> Spring Initializr Name: springboot-web-app


Expand the Web cathegory and pick Spring Web

git init via IntelliJ VCS menu

Push code to your github account