Disclaimer: This is just a hobby prediction I am not a professional in these matters and not trained in health care. Data should be taken with a grain of salt.

S-curve Plots are based on a fork of D Ferhadi https://www.kaggle.com/dferhadi/covid-19-predictions-growth-factor-and-calculus


Swedish Covid 19 predition about 36400 cases. This function has been constantly underfitting the data.

It is based on code from Kaggle a S curve Sigmoid function https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigmoid_function



Curve is not converging. Prediction 37211 based on 2019-05-27 data. It is constantly showing lower numbers than really are for each new day. Disclaimer: This is just a hobby prediction by a non professional in this field do not take it seriously. Need to fit Auto Arima function.

You can also look at New York times Country Maps




Arima prediction from https://alkaline-ml.com/pmdarima. This builds on others work from Kaggle

2019-06-01 37652

2019-06-02 38182

2019-06-03 38800

2019-06-04 39539



Sweden Plot

2019-06-02 sweden